Revenge Of The Village

They were long waiting for this excuse. They would not let go of it.

He started as one among them. Looked like them, talked like them, thought like them and behaved like them. Somewhere along, and no one remembered exactly when, he became different. He started choosing right over easy. He stopped dancing to external noises and started listening to his inner voice. He stopped doing things that they claimed would lead to happiness.

Yet he appeared happy. He appeared content.

He seemingly threatened the foundations of their beliefs. They tried to influence him. They tried to reason with him. He seemed not to care.

Then, he made the mistake. An inconsequential mistake. A Mistake that mortals make. A mistake that hurt nobody more than himself.

The village spotted its opportunity. It was now the time to get even, to exert authority, and to proclaim victory in this undeclared tussle. Some wanted revenge, some wanted to reassure themselves of their success with his fall, and some just wanted to match others in the crowd.

Perched on the top of tree, a confused crow was watching the spectacle. Limited by nature, it could not understand the ways of the highly evolved human mind. It was still struggling with the basic questions – How could one man’s failure be another man’s victory? Is not every man’s folly a step backward for humanity?

Meanwhile, unmindful of the crow’s queries, I stood there in the crowd, playing my part and seeking that he be crucified.

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