The 3 Winners

Winners regularly overcome challenges, setbacks and failures. I am fortunate to have personally known few such winners.

While in their teens, the 3 friends had identical misfortune cast upon them. The setback would have been difficult to comprehend and painful. But they carried on.

Today, they have overcome all the odds and have emerged triumphant. Their achievements are enviable. The manner in which it was achieved, is inspirational.


One of them is working for one of the most reputed software companies in the world. And his attitude towards life, whether in adversity or prosperity, continues to be the same.

Another has explored more cities and countries than any person I personally know. He continues to be humble and insists on paying the bills whenever all of us meet.

The third is holding a statutory responsibility, and is on the path to a constitutional post. And he still allows us to keep pulling his leg all the time.

3 friends. 3 winners. Leading by example, they continue to be a source of inspiration to the people around them.

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