Life Journal: Introduction

I always view my life before 1991 in 4 phases:

  1. Korattur days
  2. Perambur – 1
  3. Perambur -2
  4. Malk days

Post-1991, life has been too chaotic and hectic for me to organize.

I feel many, mixed emotions looking back at the journey so far. Amazement, happiness, disappointment, sorrow and shame. And it all culminates into a sense of wonder, gratitude and guilt.

The more I look at life, the more I realize that all humans are fundamentally the same. With similar wishes, desires, ambitions and limitations. And that at dying hours, the moments that we would cherish the most are the ones that we would not care to dwell upon in our day to day lives.

I would like to test the above assumptions by sharing my life’s journey with you. In this series, I want to take you through some memorable and unforgettable, few ordinary and ignorable, some happy and some not so happy, moments of my life so far. Some lessons that I learnt, some lessons that I ignored, some rewards that I received, and some penalties that I paid.

I am hopeful that you would be able to connect to some portions of my life, to some events or happenings. May be similar events or happenings in your life, similar set of emotions, similar roller coasters. Or may be not.

And are you most likely, in your death bed, to recollect such similar events from your life, or would be held up wondering about the challenges that are occupying your mind now?

Please let me know. I will be glad to hear.

To be continued …..

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