Movies: The Game

‘The Game’ can mostly be described as just another movie. Sure there is nothing fantastic about it. But personally, in my list of favorite movies, The Game will occupy a very top position. And it is hard to explain why.

When I was young, I could never understand the concept behind cinema (not that I understand better now!).  I failed to understand why one should spend 3 hours in a theatre watching something that one knew was not real. It was not like a cricket match or a music, dance or magic performance (or any other performance, for that matter), where the performances were real and the outcome was dependent upon the performer delivering each time and every time. Not so in movies.  They were only a recorded enactment, trying to pass on something as real that we knew did not exist. And to me, then, it served no purpose.

One of the earliest movies that introduced me to the magic of cinema is The Game. Again, it is really hard to define why this movie. I guess the only answer I may have is, that is how it was destined.

The plot revolves around a professionally and financially successful but personally not so satisfied character, played admirably by Michael Douglas. Approaching yet another birthday, he is gifted an opportunity by his brother (Sean Penn) to play ‘The Game’.  Neither Douglas nor the audience has any clue about what the game is, except that it will be a personalized experience. And the earlier part of the movie is invested in adding to the mystery behind the game.

Douglas decides to play the game and as part of a screening procedure he is made to undergo various physical and psychological tests. During that process he is also made to disclose all of his most intimate details and personal information, including his bank accounts, passwords, and other sensitive information.

And then begin the attacks on his life. Funds are fully withdrawn from his accounts. He becomes penniless, is drugged and finds himself in an alien country. He discovers that the Game is a big scam. He then sets out to reclaim his life. And what follows is an enjoyable journey, leading to an unexpected, near-perfect ending.

The movie is really exciting and worth watching once.

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