2010: A Year In Review

The first decade of the millennium has passed.

As curtains come down on 2010, I look back at it fondly. 2010 presented me with many happy moments. A few personal disappointments too. Life balances itself admirably.

2010 saw me getting introduced to a few and become alienated from many. People close to me got engaged, got married and became parents. My son started going to school. I saw more movies in 2010 than probably in all of 2006-2009.

At work, long time relationships came to an end. And new ones opened up.

Obamas toured India. Harley Davidson came to Indian roads. Facebook set up its DC in India, as Twitter entered the Parliament. Judgments on 2 of the most sensitive issues in India – Ayodhya and Bhopal – were delivered. Petrol prices got deregulated, but number portability is still pending. Wikileaks attracted attention. Chilean miners were rescued miraculously. And the Indian rupee got a symbol.

2010 was the year of Inception and Wall Street. Of Dabaang, Golmaal 3, Housefull, and MNIK. Of Kites and Raavan. And of Enthiran.

In sports, Murali’s last Test match and Clijsters US Open triumph stand out most in my memory. That is not to take anything away from the performances of Tendulkar, Saina, and others or from events like FIFA World Cup, CWG and Asian Games. Special mention must be made of Tendulkar’s feat in scoring the 1st double-century in ODIs and 50th test century. RIP Paul, the Octopus. While Aussie cricket team’s slump was most disappointing, IPL fiascos, CWG allegations, Pak betting scandals, ensured that 2010 had its share of negatives too. And to me personally, the longest tennis match in history is just a piece of academic information.

Not everything progressed or changed positively in 2010. Prices continued to spiral upwards. Corruptions and scams dominated headlines. Common man continued to be burdened, exploited and feels cheated and let-down. And the journey towards making the world a fair, better, peaceful, productive, and happy place for our future generations, continued to be undermined and overshadowed.

At the end of the year, however, I and most of the people I know, regard 2010 as a remarkable year, with many fond memories and happy feelings.

May the trend continue.

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One thought on “2010: A Year In Review

  1. Dear Vijay,

    This post is really wonderful and made me nostalgic! You really have a knack of writing. Keep it up and I hope to see your book one day, for sure! I strongly recommend it! May Lord Ganesha bless you with more successes in the years to come!

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