Promise of 2011

Every new year brings with it a promise of better tomorrow. 2011 is no different.

I hope and wish for everyone, a happy, successful and prosperous 2011.

All my efforts so far, on defining and sticking to New Year Resolutions have been failures. But I will not give up. Here are a few things that I desire to pursue in 2011:

  1. Trust my instincts more.
  2. Spend 3 days at Tirumala.
  3. Go on a vacation to Vizag.
  4. Reach out more.
  5. Say No to distractions.

On paper they look pretty easy and achievable. Only I know how difficult it would be, considering my past experiences.

Other things that I look forward to, in 2011:

  1. Many people close to me are getting married.
  2. Few people close to me are facing troubles in personal life. Hope and pray that 2011 will see those troubles end and they would be back to enjoying life as before.
  3. Solution to the uncertainty over Hyderabad.
  4. ICC World Cup
  5. Getting to know the successor to Ratan Tata.

A few things that I hope for, in 2011:

  1. Proper governance – government works effectively towards controlling prices, creating fair opportunities for all sections of the society and performs its role.
  2. Free and Fair elections – By fair, I mean elections in an environment designed to encourage voting for development, as against other considerations.
  3. Society working towards controlling corruption
  4. Merit gets recognized and becomes a criteria in public life
  5. Media sticks to reporting news, avoids sensationalism and refuses to be a propaganda tool.

There are many more and the list appears endless. Do they appear unrealistic hopes? May be, but I continue to believe in miracles. Only I am not yet clear how I can contribute towards achieving the above.

Personally, 2011 begins on a better note than 2010. However, there will be many challenges in 2011. I pray that we all be blessed with enough strength to play our part, overcome the challenges and enjoy the journey.

And hope that we will allow 2011 to fulfill its promise.

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One thought on “Promise of 2011

  1. Hi Vijay – Good resolutions. But,I think you should find a good and pragmatic “solution” to fulfilling “resolutions,” as many are unable to fulfill and keep up their resolutions! Anyway, I wish, pray and hope that you stand out from the crowd and fulfill all your resolutions with a permanent “solution!” 🙂 May Ganesha bless you always, in fulfilling your resolutions.

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