Life Journal: Korattur Days – 1

Continued from Part 1

My earliest recollections of my life are the period that I spent in Korattur, Chennai, sometime till 1982 (up to age 6). I believe that prior to Korattur, we had also spent some time at Madurai, Trivandrum, and Trichy, but I have no recollection of them.

At Korattur, we lived in an independent house in a colony close to the railway station. It was a colony still under development, so there were plenty of open plots and one  construction activity or the other was always happening.

Here are a few recollections that I have of my Korattur days:

  1. I studied at the Vivekananda School, from LKG up to 1st standard. I remember the school to be a long walk from home. I also recollect the school to be having thatched sheds sheltering the class rooms.
  2. There was an old house near the school, where we used to have lunch. Mom used to bring lunch for me. The house would be crowded with many students of my age and their mothers feeding them. The house was inhabited, but I don’t remember seeing any member of the house even once.
  3. While I have no recollection of my teachers, the name ‘Vaidehi Miss’ sounds familiar. I do remember that I had a friend. Often during holidays, he would come over to our house, and I would go to his. I vaguely recollect his name to be Venkat, but I am not sure.

To be continued …..

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