Deceptive Dialogues: Resources in Life

Continued from Part 2

Would life appear more pleasant, more fulfilling or satisfying to the blessed few like Tendulkar, for whom both interests and duties seem to be along the same path?…..

“And the logic behind that is not very difficult to comprehend”, the old man continued.

“Another notable principle in life is that resources to achieve anything worthwhile will always be limited. Great feats have rarely been achieved without overcoming the challenge of shortage of resources.”

“When resources are limited and you have to make the tough decision of allocating them wisely between your interests and duties, there is conflict, there is discomfort. And because you split your available resources to pursue both, you may generally feel having ended up fulfilling neither. While you might have achieved significantly in both areas, our human nature ensures that you keep remembering those unaccomplished objectives.”

“But if your duties and interests are the same, you are saved from that conflict. You can dedicate all your energies in their pursuit. And when you pursue your objectives with all the resources at your disposal, without distractions, your chances of success automatically multiply.”

Could it be true that life blesses us only with limited resources when we set out to accomplish important objectives? May be, because success is generally interpreted as overcoming obstacles. Or challenges, as a few people would like to put it. And challenges would never exist if we had enough resources at our disposal.

“But for a common man, his interests and duties seldom overlap”, the young man interjected. “I, for one, am sure that what I like to do is quite different from what I have to do.”

“And I am not sure how to organize myself or how to handle this?”

To be continued …..

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One thought on “Deceptive Dialogues: Resources in Life

  1. Dear Vijay,

    This post is also equally intriguing and captures the dilemma a common man confronts in his life. Very well presented! Please keep writing more and more! May Lord Ganesha give you more strength to keep writing more often, with renewed vigor and enthusiasm every time you write! All the very best for your literary pursuits!

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