Planetary Perceptions

Once upon a time, long ago, the Sun got very frustrated and became angry. It complained to The Creator.

“I report for work every day in the morning without fail. Every day I have to cross the skyline from east to west. It is a long and tiring journey. I have to work for at least 12 hours every day and I don’t get any leaves as well.”

He reminded that his colleague working in the nights was hardly as efficient as him, was not always presenting himself fully at work, and also took a day off once every 28 days.

The Creator smiled and called all for a discussion – The Sun, The Earth and The Moon.

The Earth acknowledged that it would fail to exist without the Sun. It pleaded the Sun to keep rising in the east and setting in the west every day to sustain life on the planet. It reminded the Sun of its honorable responsibilities.

The Moon declared that it was doing its best. It could not match the Sun in its performance. It needed a break at least once every 28 days.

They discussed amongst themselves, and with The Creator. Finally it was decided that since the Sun’s services appeared essential in nature, he could not be granted any leaves. It was however declared that he need not do any traveling. Since it was the Earth that needed the Sun’s rays, it would rotate on its axis to uniformly provide sunlight to all the regions. Also, it would revolve around the Sun to bring about the 4 seasons. As for the Moon, it was decided that it would revolve around the Earth to carry out its duties in return for a day’s rest once every 28 days.

Misunderstood Morals of the story:

1. If you are efficient like the Sun, the management will never relax the burden on you. You may, of course, bargain for a few insignificant benefits.

2. If you are like the Moon, limited commitment and efficiency, but with no alternative for you, you may still manage to retain your job.

3. If you are like the Earth, dependent upon others for accomplishment of your tasks, you will have to do the running around.

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One thought on “Planetary Perceptions

  1. Brilliant Vijay! Keep writing more!

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