The Other Me

You were hurt, but you continued to smile,
You were tired, but you always walked the extra mile,
All this, when I was contributing nothing worthwhile.

You shouldered my responsibilities,
You supported me through my tragedies,
Without ever asking me any queries.

You made all the sacrifices,
Followed all the elder’s advices,
Even tried to help me overcome my vices.

You supported me, You comforted me,
You also tried to reform me,
Your reassuring eyes, lifting me whenever I was gloomy.

Unassumingly you have toiled in our journey,
With an unshakeable faith in our destiny,
Always providing support like a resourceful genie.

You are beautiful person,
Radiating warmth like the august sun,
Shooting happiness from your life filled gun.

If only I had read your cues,
If only I had followed your virtues,
If only I had shown a little more values.

I can’t quantify how much I owe you,
I am not sure whether I am qualified to love you,
I am not even clear how to say this to you.

But you never seem to be having this issue,
Your eyes let out the clue,
For they always seem to be saying,


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One thought on “The Other Me

  1. Vijay,

    This is absolutely brilliant! Never knew that you have a poet hidden within you! The poem is really good and stirred my emotions! Keep writing more! Wishing you the very best in all your endeavors.

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