Elections 2011 – Campaign Awards

The Tamil Nadu 2011 Election process [EL11] is close to completion. Polling concluded. Counting remains. Results awaited. The campaigning itself was loud, full of gimmicks and posturing, mostly personal and at times cheap, dominated by film personalities, and was devoid of any meaningful effort from any party [apart from may be the Lok Satta] to educate, analyze, and discuss their policies and proposals with the common man. Mudslinging became the sole duty of speakers. Unlawful money distribution was probably the most discussed aspect of this edition of the election campaign. It always existed, only this time it received some spot-light. This election campaign had all the ingredients that, for some years now, have become most essential in election campaigns in Tamil Nadu and across most of India.

Revisiting the concluded election campaign, I have come up with the Elections 2011 – Campaign Awards. I don’t reside in Tamil Nadu, nor have I been following much of the election news, hence the Awards are based only on the news items that I came across. I hope that I didn’t miss much.

Following are the winners of the TN Elections 2011 [EL11] Campaign Awards:

Best Performance of EL11                                    – Vadivelu

Worst Performance of EL11                                 – Vaiko

Best Comic Performance of EL11                         – Thangabalu-S Ve Sekar Duo

Best Performance in a Cameo                              Rajinikanth in the ‘Polling Booth

Best Performance in an Invisible Role                  – Dr. Manmohan Singh

Best Action Sequence of EL11                              – Congress-DMK Pre-Poll Seat Sharing                                                                                   Arrangement Discussions 

Best Scheme of EL11 [Popular Choice]                 – Free Laptop

Best Scheme of EL11 [Critic’s Choice]                  – None

[There were no discussions on policy and manifesto. The campaign was dominated by ‘personal’ attacks by both groups. In the absence of any discussion, agenda of all parties appeared similar. Hence a suitable winner could not be identified for this Award]

Best Original Screenplay/Script                             DMK Freebies

Best Adapted Screenplay/Script                            AIADMK Freebies

Best Director                                                        – Dr. J. Jayalalitha

[Roped in Vijayakanth, Dumped Vaiko, Kept Communists in check and has managed to still keep a door open to the Congress for any post-poll adjustments]

Dialogue of EL11                                                  – “Captain na Dhoni, Nee verum chaani”

Critic’s Choice Award                                          – Election Commission and Other Law                                                                                  Enforcement Agencies

[Their efforts in seizing nearly Rs.50 crore amidst this mad campaigning chaos is appreciable. While some opined that it may just be a fraction of what was in circulation, they deserve this Award in recognition of their contribution]

Honorary Lifetime Contribution Award                – The Voter

[Record 78% turnout. He still believes in the system!]

Consolation Prize                                                – Vaiko for his Gandhigiri Movement 

Namellaam Maaravey Mattoma? Aiyyo, Aiyyo …………………… 

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3 thoughts on “Elections 2011 – Campaign Awards

  1. Hahahaaa..nice one
    Who is the best villain?Rahul Gandhi..for checking DMK and keeping them in toes..nice startegy i would say..

  2. Hari, hahaha, yes, Rahul Gandhi could be the friendly villain or silent ally, depending on whom you ask – MK or JJ…..

  3. Vijay – Very interesting article and apt awards! Made a very interesting reading. The more you write, the more I am amazed by your writing prowess! Please keep writing. Yeh dil maange more! 🙂

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