The Warrior’s Cause

The tired warrior wanted to rest for a moment.

It was yet another long day at the battle field. Already a long campaign, and victory still seemed far away. He was physically injured, mentally drained, and emotionally shattered. The enemy was fierce. Experienced. Resourceful. To him, at that moment, Hope was just a word, and Despair was more than a state of mind.

He looked around. He saw young soldiers. Wounded, yet willing. Injured, yet inspired. They seemed to believe in him. In his judgment. In his destiny. More than himself. More than in themselves.

He also saw experienced fellow warriors. Skeptical of his tactics. Debating his strategy. Predicting his downfall. Basing their assessments on their own experiences. Of previous successful campaigns. Of unacknowledged let-offs.

Did he have a cause, a purpose? Or was he merely fighting to conceal absence of any?

Was he fighting for riches? Glory? Or just to be heard?

He had no answers.

Wars are fought not for survival, but to succeed. To expand and grow. And to impose. A rule, a view, a thought, a value, a belief. And a path for successors.

Will he prevail? He felt a need to prove. To himself. That he needn’t justify. Anything. To anyone.

Next day, the Sun rose in the east. He rose along with it. He realized that had a war to fight. And to win. For himself. And for them. 

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One thought on “The Warrior’s Cause

  1. Absolutely brilliant, Vijay! Keep up the good work!

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