Penance and Profit

There is a hierarchy in heaven too. Penances are first answered by angels. If they are unable to grant the boon, it is escalated. Only the severest of penances reach the Supreme Being.

He was not aware of this. And his penance was only severe, not the severest. It was however enough to force the heavenly bodies to take notice.

An angel appeared – more reluctant than excited. Its diary was already full and this was an additional burden. It hardly enjoyed this. Its mind was occupied with all the tasks it already had to do. It wished that this one would be over soon.

The angel smiled. It was part of the protocol. It informed that his penance was taken note off, and that he was offered a boon. “Make your wish”, declared the angel.

He was overjoyed. He poured out his grief. All he wanted was his work to be recognized. “I am never being taken note off. I want recognition and rewards”, he pleaded.

The angel appeared sympathetic. They were trained to appear like that. What they actually thought was nobody’s concern.

The angel asked him to be more specific. He thought about it for a second, and then made his wish.

“I want to be the center of attraction whenever I am performing. I want all eyes to be on me while I am working, even if it were a million. Everyone must be running behind me and desire to have me on their side. And where I am must determine the successful outcome of efforts”, he requested.

He was pleased with his request. He thought he would now finally get all that he wanted.

The angel stopped for a moment to reflect. It smiled again. And granted him his wish. “You will henceforth be the center of attraction, whenever you are at work. All eyes will be on you, and everyone will want a piece of you! And your position will determine success or failure.” it declared.

The angel continued to smile, turned him into a football and left. And ever since, he is being kicked around by all players. And make no mistake, all eyes are on him now whenever he goes to work – in every match, invariably.

Misunderstood moral of the story:

Be wise while asking anything from the management. Otherwise, you may receive what you asked for, and find out that it was hardly what you wanted!

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One thought on “Penance and Profit

  1. Wonderful story, Vijay! Great imagination at work! How do you come up with such amazing fables? Keep up the good work!

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