Long-Lost Friendship

While surfing through television channels recently, I was suddenly reminded of a long-lost, childhood friend. He is still close by. Available and ready to engage me at all times. Only, I got too busy with my life and stopped noticing him. And I often do that to many.

Like all childhood friendships, ours too, was all about innocence. He entertained me, made me laugh, made me wonder. He amazed me, gave me aspirations, hope and dreams. He let me know of the happenings around the world. At times he even tried to educate me.

Our meetings were mostly in the evenings, and I always looked forward to him coming home – every evening. And weekends were special. At times, he was even more important to me than my family. Often, I risked being rebuked by my parents by excessively indulging with him.

Things change with time, and preferences transform as one gets older. As I grew up, I got introduced to new friends – friends who were more in tune with the times, more cool, fashionable and more entertaining. Grownups need purpose and justifications to sustain and remain in a relationship. I saw none with him. I started ignoring him.

My old friend though, did attempt to change. He did try his best to catch up with changing times. I, however, was not sympathetic enough to wait and support him through his struggling journey. And so we drifted apart. Slowly, without realizing, without acknowledging. And as I look back now, we stand separated by quite a distance.

Today, even while appreciating my attachment with him, I am not certain of making amends in the very near future. But fond memories of our friendship compel me to explore ways in which I can get back with him. And so, as I get working on that, here is my promise to you, my dear friend. That I will begin visiting you, again start smiling with you, as early as I can. In the meantime though, kindly bear with me. Bear with my absence and indifference, my dear friend, Doordarshan.

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One thought on “Long-Lost Friendship

  1. Vijay – Brilliant volte-face! All along, I was thinking it was a real friend! Beautiful narration! Your style reminds me of O. Henry. Keep up the good work! God bless! Keep writing more.

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