Life Journal: Korattur Days – 2

Continued from Part 2

4. The house that we lived in had 2 portions. One big, one small. The bigger one had access to the terrace. I remember we lived in both. The house had numerous steps at the entrance and there was a huge open space in front. We used to sit outside, on the steps in the evening.

5. As the colony was then being newly developed, there used to be a lot of vacant plots. There would also be many plots where construction activity was ongoing. During rains, the whole area would be flooded and look like a swamp, with a few houses for islands. Exciting setting for children like me – to play with paper boats and other ‘water’ games.

6. I had very few friends there. One name I remember is ‘Poplu’. Sure now that it was his nickname. Never got to know his real name though. Very few friends.

7. I remember my cousins visiting me at Korattur during weekends and vacations.

8. I also remember visiting my relatives at Ambattur. That was by train, and had to walk a bit from Ambattur railway station to their house.

9. Scattered houses in an isolated colony is an attractive invitation to robbers. No surprise then that robbers once targeted a house in our colony. The one at the edge of the colony and close to the railway track. It was sensational then, and valuables were reported stolen. I got to see sniffer dogs live in action for the first time. Don’t know if the robbery was ever solved.

To be continued …..

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