A New Journey

Witnessed by holy fire,
And smiling ladies, who never seem to tire,
A new journey began.

Few years ago, in the month of June,
I became We, and We became one,
Resolving to explore parts of each other, that remained unknown.

As children played around excited,
As holy sentences were being recited,
Barriers broke and aspirations united.

Two individuals, one life;
Different dreams, one destiny;
I became a husband and she my wife.

I remained the same,
She remained the same,
Only, she changed her name.

New roles, newer responsibilities;
New relations, greater expectations;
Extended society and added scrutiny.

Some find happiness in marriage, Some lose it;
Some work to make it successful, Some let it go astray;
Some give up the fight, Yet some bear it all.

Have we planned, are we prepared?
Will we prevail, will we succeed?
Only time will tell how well we address our needs.

Arguments will erupt, so will understanding;
Differences will arise, so will dependence;
Sacrifices will be made, and success will have to be earned.

We have decided to leave our mark,
We are determined to make it happen,
A great task lies ahead.

And a new journey has begun!!!

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