Journey of a River

He found the wait agonizing. The river sitting beside, however, hardly seemed to care.

 “So, what brings you here?” he attempted to strike a conversation.

 “Same as you”, the river replied. “My journey is over, and I am before Him to be adjudged.

 “I never knew that even rivers have this ordeal”, he chuckled. “So, how was your journey?” he prodded.

 The river reflected on its story.

  “I was born in isolation, with only loved ones close to me when I was born.

 “When young, I was more a stream. I was small and insignificant, and remained so, as long as I journeyed alone. However, I started growing in size when I started embracing fellow streams and rivulets that cuddled up to me. Together, we became a force, and gained respect and recognition.

 “My journey in life took me through various places. I passed through different landscapes, overcoming different obstacles. At times I was ferocious, at times I was serene. But never resting and always travelling.

 “My journey introduced me to many people, allowed me to touch many lives – some directly and many indirectly. I brought joy to some, sorrow to some. I entertained a few, united a few. I separated a few, too. Some revered me. Some polluted me. Some exploited me, and some fought for me.

 “I sustained life. I also took away life at times.

 “In short, my long journey blessed me with many experiences and memories – some positive, some not so positive, but all unique and personal.

 “Finally, it all ended one day. I reached my destination. I surrendered my identity and sought a merger. The ocean welcomed me with open arms and I experienced peace. Relieved that I was able to carry out what was ordained for me.

And, now, I am here.

 “So, how different was your journey?”. It was now the river’s turn to enquire.

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