The Wait

The book was very happy. It now had a reader. It was now going home.

Lying on the cash counter, waiting to be packed and delivered to the purchaser, it bid goodbye to its friends on the various shelves of the bookstore. Some of them had been lying there for days, few even for months. Yet, this one was sold within a week of its arrival at the store. The other books looked at it in envy. And at the purchaser longingly. And the book observed all this proudly.

It did not have a fancy cover. It was not printed on glossy paper. It didn’t even have a catchy name. It had no pictures, few diagrams, and lots of text. Long paragraphs of boring text. It belonged to a genre that would be described as informative. A description of which it was proud outwardly. A description that made it anxious within itself.

It remembered its author. He was a simple man. It remembered the pains and sacrifices he had undertaken to create it. He tried. And he created it. And in that sense, the book considered him to be its God. But he was only human, and had his limitations. What was important was not how it judged its author, but how the world judged it, and thereby its author.

The book also remembered its publisher. And the designer who designed the cover. And the printer. The transporter. The bookshop owner. The salesman in the bookshop. It had come across so many people in its short journey. It silently thanked them all. Even while being aware that most of them didn’t even notice its existence properly. It thanked them anyway. And it thanked them sincerely.

The purchaser picked it up and headed out of the store. Reached home. Settled down. Picked it up and started reading. It suddenly realized that it was making its debut. This was the moment for which it had been created. It will now be scrutinized. And the verdict would be out pretty soon.

So, will he like it? Will he re-read it? Recommend it to his friends? Discuss it? Store it? Save the copy for his children? It was both excited and anxious to know the answers. But it will have to wait. Answers would emerge only after the reader is finished with reading it.

And so, the wait began.

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4 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. Beautiful! Exquisitely crafted article, Vijay! I liked it a lot! How do you get such amazing ideas? I think you have a great writer hidden in you somewhere! And your imagination is very fertile, to say the least! Keep writing more! I am longing to see your first book of fiction in print!

    Mohan Chandran. P

  2. Vijay, interesting post in a very unusual point of view of a book. Also, I (wholeheartedly) agree with what Mohan Chandran says about your talents 🙂

    • Hi Vinod, Thanks a real lot for your kind and encouraging words. With over 600 posts and 4 years of blogging, you are an accomplished veteran in the blog arena, and an inspiration to many people like me. I am most eagerly looking forward to reading the novel that you are working on! 🙂

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