Life Journal: Korattur Days – 5

Continued from Part 5

Unpleasant Memories

16. I knew something was wrong that day. Mom was serving me breakfast but she was crying. Dad was busy going in and out of the house. Those were days when even telephones were scarce. And, telegrams were used to send urgent messages. I realized later that my grandmother (mother’s mother) had expired in Trichy. However, I have no recollection of subsequent events – the travel to Trichy, the funeral or other related events.

17. Cricket was the only game played in the area those days. I remember pestering dad to get me a cricket bat. After the pleading, the day finally came when dad promised to get me a bat on his way back home from work. Even after more than 30 years, I remember the wait distinctly. And he came home late in the evening. He didn’t have a cricket bat. He said he couldn’t find one. Instead he bought me a set of TT rackets. The disappointment was too much for me. I wouldn’t be pacified. He finally got me a cricket bat later. While I don’t remember what I did with the bat or how I played with it after that, memories of the ‘evening of disappointment’ have remained with me.

My son is today about the same age that I was during the above incident. That scares me. It means now he has reached a stage where he will be able to record memories of events and replay them. I wish he has more positive memories than negative. I wish he is filled with memories of happiness, joy, satisfaction and love, as opposed to those of anxiety or disappointment. But then, that all depends on me and what environment we bring him up in. Hoping we don’t falter.

18. Remember my school to be located quite a distance from home. It was a long walk to school and back. Or so it appeared to me. Troubled mom some days to carry me on my way back from school. She would struggle while doing that but did that anyway.

To be continued …..

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2 thoughts on “Life Journal: Korattur Days – 5

  1. R.V


    I remember a couple of things related to this post.

    16. While travelling to Trichy, you had your favorite Vada at Ulundoorpet bus stop, reportedly you advised your mother to behave in public – as she refused to eat the vada and cried in the bus. Yes, you should be around five years at that time.

    17. Though I do not remember with your own cricket bat or not, I remember you arguing with the bowler (after getting bowled) that he should bowl the “action replay” ball and you will be out if and only if he gets your wicket again on the “action replay” ball too.

    Sure you will share this mail with friends.

    Best Regards.


    • Hi Raja,

      Vada and getting mad at mom – not surprised at all! 🙂 BTW, I also remember being told that I was grinning ear to ear while holding the ‘nei pandam’. Not sure though.

      Action reply is good one. But I am sure only you would have accommodated me for that. 🙂


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