Life: A Game of Soccer


Life is quite like a game of soccer.

You win by scoring goals. Even as you manage to defend a few things.

At the end, if you have scored more than what you have given away, you win.

Sometimes your best effort may not result in a goal. Sometimes your team mates may let you down. And, sometimes your most genuine effort may be disallowed.

But then, sometimes, other’s mistakes may also allow you to score.

The same is true about your defence.

Your best effort may not always ensure effective defence. Some of your lapses may prove costly. Self-goals happen all the time.

And sometimes, you may just not be skilled enough to protect what you are protecting.

But then, the game is never over till the final whistle is blown. The game will present you with opportunities. Be there. Grab them.

You may yet win by scoring more. You may yet win by defending better.

After all, you win if you have scored more than what you have given away.

So, play well. Score more. Defend better. Win.

And, do enjoy the game.


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