My Hero

Dear Ram,

You are my hero!

The courage you have shown over the last 3 months is very inspiring.

You fought bravely to overcome many challenges. Pain, suffering, fears, insecurity, anxiety – you beat them all.

You displayed maturity beyond your age. Your cooperation and brave approach made things easier for everyone else.

As you grow, you will continue to face many more challenges. Some of them more serious and grave. Challenges, obstacles, difficult situations. Disappointments, frustration, suffering.

Whenever you come across a difficult situation in your life, whenever you are clouded by self-doubt, uncertainty, whenever you are anxious, or need inspiration and strength, look back and remember these last 3 months. Remember that you fought the battle and won. Realize that you have the necessary strength, ability and skills to win every battle.

And never forget this. You will always be my hero!


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2 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. Hi Vijay! Who is Ram? Glad that you have started writing again. Loved reading your posts, as always! Keep writing more! Good luck!

  2. R.Viswanaathan

    Dear Vijay, very moving, as usual. Knowing you, think it is in his genes. Nevertheless, Ram has demonstrated exemplary courage, for his age. The kind of support he got from you and the entire family during the crisis days is prize worthy. God bless you all, and keep writing.

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