How To Bounce Back After A Mistake?

Mistakes happen.

Sometimes out of ignorance.
Sometimes out of incompetence, underpreparedness.
Sometimes out of negligence, carelessness, or lethargy.

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control – you can blame someone or something.
Sometimes solely out of your own actions or inactions – you have no excuse.

And sometimes, you do end up committing mistakes knowing fully well that you are committing a mistake.

Mistakes happen.

How do you bounce back if you have committed a mistake, and it is weighing you down?

It’s not always easy. It’s never impossible, too.

Here are a few things you can consider doing to get back on track:

1. Write down the what you think was the mistake you did, and who all are affected by your mistake.

2. Accept your mistake and seek forgiveness – from yourself and everyone else affected by the mistake.

3. List the lessons you have learnt from the mistake. Share them with the people affected by the mistake.

4. Promise yourself and others that you’ve learnt the lesson, you’ll never forget the lesson, or repeat the mistake. And, act on the promise.

5. Identify your actions, inactions, that lead to the mistake.

6. List what steps, precautions you would take to make sure the above actions, inactions are not repeated. Share them with the people affected, with a promise to them (and to yourself) to not repeat the mistake. And, act on the promise.

7. Write down the worst outcome of the mistake – the ultimate price you pay for the mistake. Prepare yourself to accept it.

8. Write down what’s the best outcome you desire in your situation. Prepare a plan to achieve it. If you are clueless, seek support from people who can help.

9. Act on the plan to salvage the situation with all earnestness. Give it your best shot.

10. Accept the outcome, even if it’s the worst that you feared.

Don’t beat yourself up.
More intelligent people have made more stupid mistakes.
And, more ordinary people have bounced back from graver blunders.

It will all get better with time. Have faith.

If you think sharing your feelings with someone would be of help, please feel free to drop a comment below. There are many kind souls in the virtual space. You never know how or when you may chance upon one.

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4 thoughts on “How To Bounce Back After A Mistake?

  1. viswanathan

    Lovely, pursuing a policy of ‘to err is human and to blame someone else for the error is MORE human’. Now I can practice the above. Thanks. God bless. Blog more and often. Liked verymuch.

    • Haha…. “to err is human and to blame someone else for the error is MORE human”…. so practical 🙂

  2. Hi Vijay! It was so refreshing to see your blog after eons. Please keep writing more regularly.

    • Thanks, Mohan. Sorry, was busy making mistakes that kept me away from the blog. 🙂 Will hopefully be able to write more often now …. 🙂

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