Why did it take so long?
To drop the burden. To let go.
To realize. To accept.
And, to be free.

Why was so much time wasted?
In fighting the wrong battles.
In figuring out allies and amoral opportunists.
And, in identifying the most resourceful weapons in the armoury.

Why did it get so complex?
To see through the fog.
To recognize intentions.
And, to pick the right from the wrong.

Why was the understanding lacking?
That growing needs effort.
That leadership needs courage and sacrifice.
And, that reality reveals itself at some point.

The setback is distressing, but the resolve is renewed.
The task is tough, but there is help.
The outcome is scary, but there is hope.
The day has ended, but there is a tomorrow.

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Life is beautiful. And we often get so lost in its charms that we fail to take notice of where we are heading.

Here are 5 things that you may want to keep checking about yourself periodically – to see if your journey is on track:

1. Being Judgemental

Being critical or judgmental of others rarely helps. A few people judge others all the time, needlessly. Helping others identify and overcome their shortcomings and limitations is one thing, criticizing them and judging them is another.

Check how often you get judgmental. In case you do that often, see if that is really needed.

Looking more at yourself than others may do a lot more good for you than what you may have imagined.

2. Taking Ownership

Do you take the most difficult decisions of your life yourself or do you outsource them?

Consultations are fine and welcome. Especially with those who may be able to guide you with better solutions. But in the end do you display the courage to make decisions as and when needed, and do you own up to the consequences of your decisions?

In case you don’t, then you make it easier for yourself to blame someone else for your problems. That will hardly help you solve your problems.

Decide. Do. Own up.

Otherwise, you may not grow.

3. Repeating Mistakes

Do you repeat your mistakes?

Some people do the same mistake over and over again. They seem to be in love with the mistakes they make.

It’s possible you may have missed learning the lesson properly and may end up repeating a mistake once a while. But are you doing that often? Regularly? Always? If yes, please become conscious and start working to avoid repeating your mistakes.

4. Stagnant or Moving

New Year Resolutions. Many people have the same goal every year – lose weight, get healthier. And we all know how it generally ends.

Pick up some aspect of your life – a goal, a problem, a desire, a situation. Contemplate how it was some time ago, measure where you are today. And keep measuring periodically from now on.

Knowing the pace of your progress, or realizing the harsh reality that you are actually stagnant, will certainly help you make better adjustments and improve the chances of achieving whatever it is that you want.

5. Spreading Joy or Spreading Misery

Do people smile, laugh, appear more happy when you are around, or is it the opposite?

Every man in this planet is fighting his own battle. Empower them whenever possible. If not, at least don’t add to their battles and burdens. They will be grateful for this.


I did check where I stood on the above. The results are too painful to share. But at least I now know what I should be doing.

Happy journey.

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