2012: Let The Play Begin!

Beginning of the New Year, and I am as nervous as a novice opening batsman, taking guard on the first session of an important series, against a pair of fast bowling legends, under perfect bowling conditions. And no, it has got nothing to do with whether or not the world will come to an end in 2012!

2012 brings with it for me, some of the gravest challenges that I am yet to face. Challenges that I feel can only be overcome with the support, cooperation and efforts of many others surrounding me. Support, cooperation and efforts, which at the moment, do not seem to be forthcoming. I hope and pray that I be blessed with strength and perseverance to continue working on these challenges without quitting, and also be blessed with strength and understanding to accept all that emerges out of this exercise.

On a personal note, lots of happy moments to look forward to in 2012. Marriages, new additions to the extended family, and more happy occasions. Trips, as usual. But nothing yet planned to Vizag and Tirupathi. And, not hurrying on them, as well.

In the public arena, guess Lokpal would continue to hog the headlines. Along with elections in UP. And all the high-profile corruption cases. And without any need to mention, Telangana. And many people seem to be working hard to make 2012 too, the year of the Protester. Hope we stop here and don’t push it further in an attempt to register the ‘Decade of the Protester’.

2012 is not only a leap year – it is also the Olympics year. Think many people will start celebrating the event once the center stage shifts from the agitations against DoW’s sponsorship, to main event itself. A few however, many never celebrate at all. So, how will the nation of 1 billion perform?

Also wondering, will Sangeeth be ready in 2012? At least, looks like it would!

I would guess that in 2012 too, much like 2011, the economists are going to be discussing about Eurozone, intellects are going to be discussing about right to free speech and protests, government is going to be engaged more in protecting the government than governance, and the common man will be standing alone fighting inflation.

So, no doubt, the novice batsman is going to be tested. But, amidst all that nervousness, there is also an instinctive feeling, and confidence flowing out of such feeling, that he will emerge victorious. Will he or won’t he? Not long before we find out the answer, for 2012 is already in its stride to deliver the opening salvo. Game On !!

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