Epic Battle of Humanity

Two mighty warriors. An epic battle.

One was the establishment’s favorite. Driven by purpose, his ways always appeared hard. Process mattered to him as much as the result. He was mostly associated with sweat, discipline, duty and honor. He believed that performance by itself, was pleasure and result is a consequence of the process.

The other was a charming challenger. Deceptive, flamboyant, and determined. He made all things appear attractive. He preached smart work. Results justify the means, he opined. He is an icon among the young, but the old generally scorn his ways – Young and old in mind and spirit, as opposed to the body.

The two warriors have been engaged in a continuous duel since the birth of humanity. There has been no clear winner yet. The winner may emerge only when the world, as we see it today, ends.

I have a decision to make. I have to vote for one of the warriors. I can keep changing my choice, until the final winner is declared.

And so far, in this battle between Dharma and Maya, my vote has mostly been influenced by glitz and glamour.

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One thought on “Epic Battle of Humanity

  1. This invokes curiosity..the choice is tough to make..its more harder if you have decided to follow the ways of the person for whom you have voted.

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