Hyderabad Diaries: Numaish

Continued from Part 2

‘Numaish’ translates to Exhibition. In Hyderabad context, it refers to the All India Industrial Exhibition, an annual feature of Hyderabad. It’s a 46 day long exhibition, from Jan 1 – Feb 15 of every year, hosted in the center of the city at Nampally Exhibition Grounds. Hyderabadis look forward to this exhibition and visit it at least once every year. Most, in fact, would visit it more than once every year. Special public transport buses are pressed into service during exhibition days and the whole area wears a festive look on Sundays and holidays, during the exhibition period.

Numaish 2011 will be the 71st edition of the exhibition. So, what’s so special about Numaish? The easier answer would be – experience it and you will get to know.

Traders from all over the world display their products at the Numaish. You can find dresses, kitchen appliances – right from a simple spoon to latest microwave and modular kitchen furnishings, furniture, bed-sheets, bed-spreads, gym and exercise equipment, consumer goods and appliances (even major brands like Godrej, Samsung, LG have their stalls), dry fruits, shawls, toys, children’s stuff, religious and charitable society stalls, handmade and homemade products, products made by prison inmates, Incense, water filters and water heaters, cycles and 2 wheelers, fancy stationery stuff, cosmetics, detergents, perfumes, and more. The list is really huge. There is also generally a special section for goods from Pakistan.

One often gets very attractive discounts while purchasing at the Exhibition. It is not uncommon for Hyderabadis to put of their major purchases by a few months, in anticipation of a discount at the Exhibition. And they are seldom disappointed.

The toy train of Numaish is much sought after and generally one has to wait for a considerable period before one can get a chance to board it. Lots of and different varieties of food stuffs and drinks. Many games and amusement items. Even an entire evening would not be enough generally, to cover the exhibition fully.

Numaish is a part of city’s heritage and has to be experienced. If you would be in Hyderabad anytime between Jan 1 and Feb 15, remember to visit the Numaish. I am sure you will carry back colorful memories with you.

To be continued …..

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